Hatha Yoga

– Introduction to yoga and Pawan Mukta asana series 1
– Pawan Mukta asana series 2
– Pawan Mukta asana series 3
– Hatha flow yoga
– Introduction to sun salutations
– Traditional sun salutations and its variations
– Classical hatha yoga
– Stretching with breath
– Stretching with Ujjayi breath
– Hatha yin yoga
– Power yoga
– Kundalini yoga
– Hatha yoga standing poses
– Hatha yoga with alignment
– Advanced asana flow
– Advanced hatha yoga postures


• Lesson plan
• Assignments
• Practice teaching
• Feedback
• Group discussion
• Question and answer
• Homework

– Teaching environment; Preparing the Classroom
– Managing the dynamics of the teacher-aspirant relationship.
– Knowledge and Demonstration ability; techniques of teaching
– Familiarity and ability to design and implement group programs.
– Familiarity and ability to design and implement an individual’s need-based program
– Familiarity with group dynamics and allied techniques of communication skills
– Time management, and the establishment of priorities and boundaries.
– Familiarity with techniques to address the specific needs of individual participants, to the degree possible in a group setting

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