Yoga Teachers Training Course in Rishikesh – India.

200 hours TTC

Arohan Yoga is a Registered Yoga School in Rishikesh (RYS) with Yoga Alliance. We offer 200-hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh which is recognized by Yoga Alliance. Learning from an approved RYS School is a pre-requisite for students who wish to register with Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYTs). Our RYS id is 231188

Aerial Yoga

The Aerial Yoga hours will be added to YACEP- Yoga Alliance Continuous Education Program

100 hours TTC

Please be notified that although you will be provided with a certificate from Arohan Yoga for 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course is not recognized by Yoga Alliance. However, you have the option of doing 100 hours TTC twice to gain your 200 hours certificate recognized by Yoga Alliance.


As per Yoga Sutras, every yogi is expected to follow discipline (Yamas and Niyamas). In the same way, certain rules are to be followed during the course for creating an optimum learning environment.

  • Consumption of meat, eggs, tobacco, drugs, and alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  • Consumption of coffee, tea is not encouraged, however, is allowed
  • You are expected to keep the yoga mats, blocks, straps, etc. in their designated place after use. You also need to clean your plate, spoons, and glass after use
  • Inappropriate clothing (Females, kindly speak to Sneha to understand this properly) and show of PDA (personal, display of affection) with anybody is not allowed. Also, some Indian teachers will not be comfortable with hugging too (between opposite sex).
  • Usage of electrical equipment like an air conditioner, water heater, kettle, light, and fan should be done with discretion. A lot of Indian equipment does not have an automatic shut off mode. They have to be shut off manually when not in use
  • There are surveillance cameras in the general areas of the school for safety. Please change your dress only in your closed room/washroom
  • 95% of attendance is mandatory. If you are not feeling well, just sit in the class and observe
  • Our course is quite intensive for some students- both physically and mentally. Make sure to conserve your energy, listen to your body (never overexert), rest and stay hydrated.
  • Be kind and inspire others with a positive attitude, acts and words
  • Indian culture is a bit (actually a lot☺) different from western culture. Some of your needs are sometimes not understood by us. The solution is if you need anything or if you have a problem, tell us immediately. We cannot help you if you wait until after the course.
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