Kunjal Kriya – 14 Amazing Benefits of That Will Blow Your Mind.

kunjal kriya benefits

What is Kunjal Kriya?

  1. Do you know? Around 70% of the human immune system depends on a healthy digestive system.

    i.e., The better your immune system, the better your health will be.

    If you want to stay healthy, your digestive system must work efficiently.

    Thanks to Kunjal Kriya, a detoxifying yoga technique for helping us to strengthen our digestive system.

    Enhancing the digestive system is one of the most significant steps to improving your health. In modern times, many people are health conscious. Still, their digestive system is likely to deteriorate.

    Kunjal Kriya is one of the purification techniques of Hatha Yoga, primarily practiced for cleansing the Esophagus and Stomach.

    It is also known as Vaman Dhauti.

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    Kunjal Kriya is a technique for cleaning the digestive system (from the stomach to the mouth). It includes drinking lukewarm, salty water until the stomach gets full and then intentionally vomiting it through the mouth.

    Kunjal kriya benefits. Several animals like cats, dogs, tigers, cows, etc. utilize this technique to vomit undigested food. Most of us must have seen the cat eating the grass when they ate something they could not digest. This practice prevents the accumulation of toxins in their bodies. Thus, it is a natural method and copied from the animals.

    Why is Kunjal Kriya important?

    Modern people face various problems related to digestion, like acidity, indigestion, gas, etc. There is a reason behind it. After eating the food, it remains in the stomach for some time. In the stomach, it gets mixed with digestive juice so it can easily be absorbed into the intestine. But tiny particles of food remain undigested in the lining of the stomach. These particles stay there until our next meal. When we take another meal, these particles get mixed with fresh food, which can contaminate and poison the system, causing acidity. Kunjal Kriya helps us remove these tiny particles from the stomach lining.


    To perform this technique, all we need is just water and a little bit of salt.

    To prepare the solution, take one-liter water. However, depending on your capacity, you can take one and a half liter.

    Add 1 or 2 teaspoons of salt per liter of water. There is no particular proportion about quantity, and it’s up to you. You can add more salt or less too.

    While performing this technique, the best position is just standing and hunching your upper body in the forward position. i.e., Keep the trunk and head in a horizontal place. This position ensures the free flow of water from our stomach.

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    1. While standing, drink a glass of water as quickly as you can. Take another one.
    2. Repeat the process until your stomach gets full of water.
    3. Now comes when you cannot drink even a drop of water. It looks like everything will come out now.
    4. Lean your upper body (trunk and head ) in the forwarding position.
    5. In this position, open your mouth wide and insert two fingers into it. Use your most extended fingers, i.e., middle finger along with index finger.
    6. Insert the fingers as deep as you can and gently slide them on the tongue in a to-and-fro motion.
    7. After rubbing like this, you will get an urge to vomit, and suddenly, the water will come out. As soon as the water comes out, remove your fingers immediately.
    8. A few movements later, the flow of water will stop.
    9. Again put your fingers in your mouth and rub your tongue gently.
    • Repeat the same process until no more water is left in the stomach.


    1. It would be best if you did this practice in the morning on an empty stomach.
    2. For general health, you could do it once a week. However, you can practice Kunjal Kriya whenever you feel discomfort in your digestive system.
    3. People with low blood pressure, high blood pressure, heart problems, ulcers, and stomach hernias should avoid this technique.
    4. Before inserting your fingers into the mouth, ensure your nails are not sharp and clean.
    5. Jala Neti, or nose washing, is advised after conducting Kunjal.
    6. Avoid eating for 30 minutes.

    kunjal kriya benefits

    1. Kunjal Kriya gives an effective wash to our digestive system. Hence, it helps to eliminate all diseases caused by poor digestion.
    2. The most significant benefit of this technique is it improves the strength of the entire digestive system.
    3. Kunjal Kriya is a blessing for those who suffer from the problem of cough and excessive mucus. It removes that extra mucus from the esophagus and gives relief from the cough.
    4. If you perform this practice regularly, it releases the gas from the stomach. It also minimizes the poor breathing issue.
    5. While performing this technique, people expel the water which is sometimes greenish. This greenish color indicates the presence of bile. By removing this bile, Kunjal kriya gives incredible relief from biliousness.
    6. Kunjal Kriya is beneficial for curing several diseases like acidity, indigestion, Asthma, headache, etc.
    7. By recharging the mind and brain, shock treatment can treat mental problems. There are few processes by which the brain and mind go in selfless condition. Vomiting is one of them followed by sneezing and orgasm. Thus, Kunjal Kriya also acts as shocking therapy and can benefit those suffering from tension, anxiety, phobia, depression, etc.
    8. This technique helps to rebalance our nervous system. Thus it strengthens our whole body.
    9. Salt is an excellent cleaning agent. When we drink salt water, it neutralizes the acids and reduces the feeling of burning.
    10. While performing Kunjal Kriya, the thorax area opens up due to drastic contraction. Thus, it assures more blood supply to the entire stomach area and respiratory tract.
    11. Kunjal helps to overcome throat disorders like sore throat
    12. During the process of expelling, muscular contractions of the stomach wall occur. This result in toned abdominal muscles.
    13. Kunjal Kriya reduces the chances of the formation of kidney stones.
    14. Kunjal is one of the best yogic techniques to overcome mental conditions like jealousy, fear, hate, etc. You need to be patient for the best result because it is not an instant process. Performing this technique for an extended period can give excellent results.

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