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Online Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours, $249 Only (approved by Yoga Alliance)

Online Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours

Due to the recent COVID-19 situation, Yoga Alliance treats online courses at par with in-person courses till 31st December 2023. Given the above, Arohan Yoga School conducts an Online comprehensive and intensive Online Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours covering – asana, pranayama, mudra, cleansing, and meditation techniques. Practical includes Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, and Yin styles of yoga. The theory consists of Yoga Anatomy & Physiology, Yoga Philosophy, and Ayurveda.

Arohan Yoga is a Registered Yoga School in Rishikesh (RYS) with Yoga Alliance. Our RYS id is 231188. 

This online course meets the need of students with time or location constraints. You get lifetime access to the content. The teacher will adjust your postures in live sessions. All adjustments and queries will be clarified on Whatsapp Chat for students watching the recordings within 24 hours.

This Yoga Teacher Training online course can be completed conveniently by the students in a maximum of 6 months.

Examination/ Evaluation Method for Online Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours Course

The Online Yoga Teacher Training Course consists of five modules- two theories and three practicals. For the two theories, there is a written examination. For practicals, the student records a class of 30-45 minutes of teaching (it could be teaching anyone or even an imaginary person). Upload the video to google drive, and share the link with us for feedback.

Two options to complete the Online Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours course – SELF-PACED & BLENDED

You can start the course anytime you want in the SELF-PACED option of the Online Yoga Teacher Training Course. There are no live sessions. Complete the course at your convenience, however, within six months. 

Following are the starting dates for the BLENDED option.

7th to 30th November 2022

1st to 24th – December 2022

7th to 30th January 2023

4th to 27th February 2023

7th to 30th March 2023

7th to 30th April 2023

7th to 30th May 2023

There will be a live session daily (except Sundays) at 10:30 am India time (Timing is subject to change). Every month, we will cover one physical style (out of the three). For example, month 1- Hatha live, month 2- Yin Live, and month 3- Ashtanga Vinyasa live. That means you can have access to live options for six months. WhatsApp chat support is available for both options.



Techniques, Training & Practice

Asana, Pranayama, Subtle Body, Meditation, and Detox techniques.

Anatomy, Physiology, and Biomechanics

Yoga Humanities/Philosophy and Ethics

Ayurvedic Concepts 

Professional essentials

Teaching Methodology, Professional Development, Practicum

For a more detailed syllabus, CLICK HERE


  • Yoga Alliance-approved Course. Yoga School Id- 231188
  • Self-paced: it can be completed in a maximum of 6 months
  • Daily live sessions (200 hours of live sessions)
  • Learn 3 different but complementing yoga styles- Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, and Yin. Option of 2 teachers for each style
  • Learn about fundamental Ayurvedic Concepts & detox techniques. Functional yoga Anatomy and  in-depth Yoga Philosophy
  • Organized and detailed curriculum.
  • All study materials provided
  • Highly qualified and experienced  teachers
  • Clear your doubts and queries on Whatsapp Chat. A teacher will respond within 24 hours or earlier.
  • Lifetime access to content
  • Highly rated course. Please check our ratings and reviews by students on Yoga Alliance here 


Our Teachers For Online Yoga Teacher Training Course


Online Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours


E-RYT 500

Neeraj teaches Iyengar and Yin styles. He additionally teaches Yoga Philosophy and Anatomy. The previous 18 years have seen him devote himself to yoga. Additionally, he has finished a one-year study in Vedanta philosophy. He makes an effort to live according to yogic culture and philosophy.

Online Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours


E-RYT 500

Vikas teaches Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation. He has been teaching 200-hour and 300-hour teachers for the last 10 years. He studied under various yogis from Rishikesh and the Himalayan region. Vikas teaches in multiple schools in Rishikesh and is a sought after teacher.

Online Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours



Ravi is our Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher. He has been training teachers for the last 5 years. He also conducts Neurotherapy sessions. His sessions are supposed to be quite intensive but fun. He is really bad with Western names-please do not take offense when he gives an Indian twist to your name 🙂

Online Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours


RYT -200

Melmar teaches Yin yoga and is also a practicing Nephrology doctor. Her medical background enables her to integrate human anatomy and physiology in her yoga practice. Beginners, intermediate and advanced yogis alike will surely enjoy her yoga classes.


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