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Refund and Cancellation Policy

Refund Policy

Please be aware that all fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable upon withdrawal from a course. We want to emphasize that no refunds will be given for cancellations upon and after arrival. 

However, we recognize that exceptional circumstances, such as severe medical emergencies or unforeseen travel disruptions, may arise. In such cases, we may consider course transfers. Students may have the option to join another course at a later date, subject to availability. 

It’s important to note that expelled students, due to non-compliance with our rules and regulations, are not eligible for any refund.

Cancellation Policy

At Arohan Yoga School, we understand plans can change, and cancellations are permitted at any time. However, we encourage our students to avoid last-minute cancellations, as they can disrupt the planning and scheduling of upcoming courses. 

Considerations Before Commitment

Before booking a course with Arohan Yoga School, we advise our students to carefully evaluate their plans and make a firm commitment. We recommend thoroughly reviewing our refund and cancellation policy, as well as our terms and conditions and schedules, to ensure a clear understanding of our policies.


At Arohan Yoga School, our primary goal is to ensure a positive experience for all our students. 

These policies are in place to ensure the financial stability of our school and uphold the quality of our courses.

We appreciate your cooperation and commitment to creating a harmonious learning environment at Arohan Yoga School 🙂