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“Freedom is essentially built on intelligent self-restraint and discipline.”

Swami Chinmayananda

ESSENTIAL RULES for an environment conducive to learning yoga the proper way.

1. Decent Clothing and Conduct. Skimpy shorts and sports bras are not allowed. Hugging is not allowed between men and women. (Since we have students and teachers from various cultural backgrounds and sensitivities, a conservative approach is best to focus on the course and avoid any unnecessary distractions)

2. Consumption of eggs, meat, fish, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc., is strictly prohibited. (Sattwic/balanced diet for Sattwic attitude).

BREAKFAST typically has two fruits and upma/poha/porridge/parathas/gram flour pancake.

LUNCH & DINNER typically have one portion of dal, seasonal vegetable curry, chapatis, rice, and yogurt/salad.

The students can purchase at their own cost any additional items like fruits, dry fruits, vegetables, honey, and peanut butter etc from nearby sellers.

4. Ashram’s main door closes at 0930pm sharp. No entry or exit is allowed after that except for medical emergencies. (To wake up early, we need to sleep early)

5. If you cannot attend a session for any reason, prior notice has to be given to the management.

6. Please remember that the deposit and fees are non-refundable

7. Payment is due on arrival.