Ashwini Mudra And Its Amazing Benefits


Suppose you have a slight interest in yoga. In that case, today’s article is essential for you because today, I will provide information about Ashwini Mudra to you. We discuss a lot of Ashwini mudra, like how it is effortless to do, What the benefits are, and who one can do this. And due to this, the children stop urinating in bed, Stop pushing the youth to sexual desires. Apart from this, for those who have frequent urination, it gets cured.

Nowadays, people are also feeling the disease of protest and everyone is very much in love with beautifying their face.

ashwini mudra yoga

What is Ashwini Mudra?

We can also call Ashwini Mudra “Horse Gesture. “Ashwini means ‘horse.’ The practice resembles a horse’s movement with its anus sphincter immediately after evacuation of the bowels.

, just as a horse (horse) loosens its anus by repeatedly contracting its anus. Similarly, the act of contracting and expanding the anus is called Ashwini Mudra. The secret of the horse so much power is within this posture. As you know, engine power is measured in horsepower because any power thing is measured by horsepower.

Let us see how you can perform this Ashwini Mudra yoga:

How To Do This Mudra

For Variation 1: Rapid Contraction

  • Sit in any comfortable meditation asana, like you can sit padmasana.
  • Close your eyes and relax your whole body.
  • After that, Feel your natural breathing process.
  • Take awareness of the anus.
  • Contract the anal sphincter muscles quickly for a few seconds without straining, then relax.
  • Limit the action to the anal region.
  • Contraction and relaxation should be done smoothly and rhythmically 10 to 20 times.
  • Increase the rate of contractions gradually                                              

Variation 2: Antar kumbhaka Contraction

  • Sit comfortably in any meditation asana.
  • Close your eyes and relax your entire body, head to toe.
  • Slowly and deeply inhale while contracting the anal sphincter muscles.
  • Practice Antar kumbhaka ( Internal breath retention) while holding the contraction of the anal sphincter muscles as tightly as possible without strain.
  • Finally, Exhale while releasing the contraction of the anus.
  • Perform 5 to 10 Rounds of this variation.

Keep In Mind Tips:

Physical- on anal contraction and relaxation.

Spiritual– on mooldhara chakra

Ashwini Mudra Benefits

1- Get Relief From Stress:  As everyone knows, in today’s world, tension has increased, and everyone wants to be free from anxiety. So Ashwini Mudra saves us from this disease.

ashwini mudra benefits

2- Reduce stomach disease : Ashwini Mudra relieves many diseases of the Stomach. It removes many problems like burning in the Stomach, constipation, loss of appetite, and many more.

ashwini mudra benefits

3- Problem of frequent urination:  Frequent urination, urination in bed, and also the problem related to urination are relieved by Ashwini mudra.

4- Beneficial for piles: Practicing Ashwini Mudra is very helpful in piles. Regular practice of Ashwini Mudra can avoid problems related to the anus. It would be best if you practiced it daily (Ashwini Mudra for Piles). Doing Ashwini Mudra also provides relief from the pain of piles.

5- Ashwini Mudra to increase the glow of the face:  Ashwini mudra is also very beneficial for human skin. As everyone has always kept their face skin clean and glowing, you can go with this mudra.

ashwini mudra benefits

Next 5 Benefits

6- ब्रम्हचर्य – Brahmacharya:  The attachment and illusion of the world significantly affect the person. It is very beneficial for discharging celibacy. Brahmacharya is complicated to follow.

ashwini mudra benefits

Since ancient times, Ashwini Mudra has been used by sages to maintain their celibacy. This mudra helps awaken the Kundalini, a person can control himself.

7- Sexual Desires:  As you know, lust for sex has always proved fatal for human beings, and man has always bowed in front of it. So if we want to eliminate the desire from the root, we should go with this mudra. It helps to rewind our minds and give purification to us.

8- Immunity- Nowadays, many diseases have taken birth, so we have to strengthen our immunity, then Ashwini Mudra gives us the strength to fight against dieseases.

9- Spirituality: The attainment of spirituality has always been a problematic practice. Human beings do many types of tapas and rituals to attain spirituality. But this is not possible for all people.

An easy way to attain spirituality is the regular practice of Ashwini Mudra. This mudra is helpful in awakening the Kundalini and making the semen energy upwards. By its practice, it can balance kama energy. Due to its effect, spiritual energy accumulates, and man attains spirituality.

 10: Stamina & strength: The horse is famous for its strength and agility. Ashwini mudra has been used for centuries to get horse-like energy and power. Whenever the example of quickness and agility is given, the name of the horses is taken first.

This mudra infuses agility in the human body. There is no laziness or fatigue while working. A person does every task with enthusiasm and speed and achieves success.

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